How To Increase Your Instagram Exposure


This post has been moved to: You’re on Instagram and you’re using it to promote your business. Great! But, does anyone know you’re on Instagram? Are you reaching all of your target audience or do you only have a few … Continue reading

10 Ways to Alienate Your Audience

alienating fans

This post has been moved to: With so many businesses using social media these days, the noise can get overwhelming. Some companies use it well and embrace their audience. Others have a seemingly talented means of alienating their audience. If … Continue reading

Is Facebook Still Worth It?

facebook marketing

This post has been moved to: The first thing most people think of when they hear “social media marketing” is Facebook. This platform is the work horse that dominates social media today. And yet, so many marketers complain about their … Continue reading

Lessons From Social Media Day San Diego 2013

social media day

This post has been moved to: When you get to spend your day chatting with the likes of Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, and Stacy Zapar, you know you have to write about it! This is not something that happens every … Continue reading

Gaining New Facebook Fans Through Fan Page Parties


This post has been moved to: When it comes to gaining new Facebook followers there are plenty of methods out there. You can buy them, you can run contests, you can ask for referrals, you can hope for the best, … Continue reading

Please, Stop Linking Your Social Media Sites!

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This post has been moved to: I realize that in social media there are few set rules. Everyone has their own perceptions of what is right and what is wrong. So when it comes to linking your Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading