Why Instagram Video Is Actually A Big Deal

instagram video

This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/why-instagram-video-is-actually-a-big-deal/ Ok, so you’ve probably heard that Instagram has added videos to its platform. You’ve probably heard about a bunch of new features. And you’re probably thinking, oh wow, another post about it. But here’s the thing, … Continue reading

Using Comments to Set Yourself Apart on Instagram


This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/using-comments-to-set-yourself-apart-on-instagram/ I’m starting to realize why so many people love Instagram. And it might not be what you think. Yes, it’s full of wonderful, colorful, and stunning photos. Yes, you can see what your friends … Continue reading

Is Your Marketing Strategy Cohesive?

cohesive path

This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/is-your-marketing-strategy-cohesive/ For years, marketers have slaved over their marketing strategies. Ensuring that everything is in line with everything else. Focusing on colors, fonts, branding, tone, imagery, etc. Then came this thing called social media and … Continue reading

Gaining New Facebook Fans Through Fan Page Parties


This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/gaining-new-facebook-fans-through-fan-page-parties/ When it comes to gaining new Facebook followers there are plenty of methods out there. You can buy them, you can run contests, you can ask for referrals, you can hope for the best, … Continue reading