Using Comments to Set Yourself Apart on Instagram

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I’m starting to realize why so many people love Instagram. And it might not be what you think. Yes, it’s full of wonderful, colorful, and stunning photos. Yes, you can see what your friends and family are up to through their life of images. But, more importantly, it’s so easy to use, it’s almost lazy!

Yup, I think that’s why so many people like it. They don’t have to do much.

You upload a photo. Done. You double tap to like someone’s photo. Done. It’s just this simple. I mean, you can “like” tens of photos in a matter of seconds. How many other social media sites offer that much convenience?

Most of the larger, more common social media sites are filled with text-based posts. You actually have to stop, read, process, and then determine if you like the status. But on Instagram, your brain has processed in a matter of milliseconds if you like the image.

For our largely rushed, multi-tasking society, Instagram is a social media user’s wet dream!

And to be honest, I fell into this same trap. I scrolled through my feed double-tapping image after image. But then, as my number of followers grew, I noticed people were commenting on my photos. Wait… what? A conversation on Instagram? I wasn’t expecting this. But it was awesome! The new level of excitement that came from “talking” to someone about a photo took my obsession with Instagram to a whole new level!

If anyone has ever complimented one of your photos or engaged in a conversation with you, you probably have some idea of what I’m talking about.

So, if I was enjoying these comments on my photos so much, I determined it was worth it to start commenting on others’ photos. And the conversations and connections grew from there!

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4 thoughts on “Using Comments to Set Yourself Apart on Instagram

    • I will convince you sooner or later, Jason! Even though I haven’t implemented a full strategy yet, I am seeing great results. I have directed new traffic to my blog from Instagram, I have created new connections and relationships with new people, I have solidified or enhanced relationships from other sites, and I have been increasing brand awareness for my personal brand and blog.
      I’m pretty happy with these results so far!

  1. Just went to sign up for Instagram and found that I can’t! They only available for iphone or android devices which I don’t have. My tab, phone etc are all windows!

    Guess I’ll have to stick with Pinterest instead.

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