Gaining New Facebook Fans Through Fan Page Parties

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When it comes to gaining new Facebook followers there are plenty of methods out there. You can buy them, you can run contests, you can ask for referrals, you can hope for the best, and a lot of other means as well. One of the great ways I’ve gained valuable followers on my Facebook page has been through participating in Facebook Fan Page Friday Parties.

There are a number of pages on Facebook that host these parties every Friday or one Friday a month. They advertise them early in the day and they are a great way to network.

The basic concept is that you write a simple welcome intro statement with a link to your Facebook page in the comments. Then you go through the list and like other people’s pages. I recommend coming back at the end of the day and going through the lists again since many people may add their pages after you put up yours.

When you choose to like someone’s page, I recommend that you send them a message through their page. Introduce yourself, compliment them on their page, tell them why you like their page (or their product or industry), and tell them how you found them. Try to make it a little personal and not just an obvious copy and paste message. Then invite them (politely) to come visit and “like” your page in return.

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2 thoughts on “Gaining New Facebook Fans Through Fan Page Parties

  1. This a great idea Jenn, I use parties occasionally and it does bring new followers in, usually engaged followers too. I’ve started putting up a similar kinda thing on my own page, but so far no one’s bitten. Time will tell.

    • Thanks Liza! I’m glad you’ve seen some success with gaining new followers through these parties. It is hard to get one started sometimes, especially if people don’t know how they work. Keep at it and it will pay off in the long run!

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