Is Your Marketing Strategy Cohesive?

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For years, marketers have slaved over their marketing strategies. Ensuring that everything is in line with everything else. Focusing on colors, fonts, branding, tone, imagery, etc. Then came this thing called social media and most of them didn’t know what to do with it.

They slapped together a Facebook page with their company logo and a couple photos, put up a couple posts and then wondered why it wasn’t working.

Many of them even hired interns or young employees who “got” social media to manage the sites. And they still wondered why it wasn’t working.

Why wasn’t it working? Because they weren’t treating it as a cohesive branch of their marketing strategy. Social media was like the ugly step child that had to be fed but wasn’t really welcome at the dinner table. There was no cohesion between the messages, the branding, the voice, the images, etc. When customers, or potential new customers, found their social media sites, it didn’t jive with everything else they had seen, or what they were looking for.

Think about it. If your brand is focused on middle-aged professional men and your social media pages are full of internet slang (lol, yolo, rofl, j/k, and others) and references to Justin Bieber, do you really need to ask why it isn’t working? The only people following your social media pages are not the demographic using your product and those using your product want nothing to do with your social media pages.

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9 thoughts on “Is Your Marketing Strategy Cohesive?

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  2. I think it is important for customers and potential customers to recognize the “voice” of your brand/company no matter which medium you are on. This definitely means that your company has to have the same “feel” across the board. Otherwise it is confusing and pointless. Thanks for another great article Jenn!

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