Creating a Blogging Behavior

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Every week I read at least one post that talks about how to be a better blogger. Sometimes the messages are consistent with each other and other times, they are polar opposites. The problem is that, like most professions, bloggers range from beginner to professional. And while you obviously fall somewhere along this spectrum, this advice is tailored towards those newer to blogging.

One of the biggest obstacles bloggers encounter is finding the time to write. There are always other things to focus on and other things to take care of. Sitting down, staring off into space, thinking of your next profound sentence, writing a paragraph, editing a post, and re-reading your content can be time consuming. It is also often dreaded by those not yet comfortable with their writing.

My repeated suggestion is to set time aside on a regular basis to do your blogging. Whether it’s an hour a day or a couple hours a week. Whatever the amount of time you can commit to, schedule it and adhere to it.

It’s all about creating blogging behavior patterns!

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