How To Increase Your Instagram Exposure

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You’re on Instagram and you’re using it to promote your business. Great! But, does anyone know you’re on Instagram? Are you reaching all of your target audience or do you only have a few followers? Even if you have hundreds of followers, are you reaching everyone you could be?

The reality is that Instagram usage is drastically increasing. In the last year alone, Instagram’s base of followers has tripled to over 130 million users. Yes, it tripled its users in ONE year. Where do you think it’ll go by next year?

With this many users, the odds are very good that many of your fans from your other social media sites are also hanging out over here on Instagram. Do they know you’re here? Are they following you?

Here are some tips to grow your Instagram exposure:

Cross Promote

If you have hundreds or thousands of followers on Twitter or Facebook, tell them where to find you on Instagram. Let them know you’re here and active. Share a screen shot of your Instagram profile and include a link to your Instagram profile. Make it so easy that they will click and follow you.

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