How To Increase Your Instagram Exposure


This post has been moved to: You’re on Instagram and you’re using it to promote your business. Great! But, does anyone know you’re on Instagram? Are you reaching all of your target audience or do you only have a few … Continue reading

Thinking Outside the (Photo) Box on Instagram


This post has been moved to: Instagram was designed as a photo sharing site. Users are encouraged to share photos (and now videos as well) to their feeds. But, when it comes to marketing, sometimes we need more than just … Continue reading

What Impression Are You Making On Instagram?

first impressions

This post has been moved to: First impressions are so important. Whether in business or personal situations, we are always being judged by the way we portray ourselves. It may not be fair, but that’s the way it works. So, … Continue reading

How To Take Your Instagram Photos Beyond Your Mobile Device

instagram photos

This post has been moved to: With the latest announcement that Instagram now allows you to embed posts into websites and blogs, they are quickly expanding the possibilities of marketing through Instagram. And while this does expand the reach beyond … Continue reading

Instagram Allows Embedded Posts


This post has been moved to: On Thursday July 10th, Instagram delivered the final blow to Vine. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration but it’s kinda true! When Instagram first launched their video functionality recently, the one thing working … Continue reading