Instagram Allows Embedded Posts

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On Thursday July 10th, Instagram delivered the final blow to Vine. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration but it’s kinda true! When Instagram first launched their video functionality recently, the one thing working against them (and in favor of Vine) was the fact that you couldn’t embed the videos on other sites. But now you can!

I don’t know if you can recognize how excited I am about this, but I am. And here’s why: This takes your social media strategy to a whole new level! Now, you can take your Instagram videos and photos and embed them directly into your website or blog for additional SEO rankings and branding style. If you’ve been using Instagram for your business, you have established a “look” or a “style” that represents you. Now you can take that right over to your website and further enhance your branding.

Or, if you wanted to showcase a client or business partner’s Instagram post, you could embed their post into your site! Or, likewise someone could do this for you. Are you seeing the additional benefits here? And don’t worry, your embedded posts will always retain the ownership of the original post.

Yes, your post will show the Instagram user name of the original post and that name will actually hyperlink to the person’s Instagram account. Want to drive traffic to your Instagram account and gain new followers? Embed the occasional post in your blogs and send traffic directly to your Instagram account!

So, how do you embed your Instagram photos and videos? It’s really very simple.

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