Lessons From Social Media Day San Diego 2013

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When you get to spend your day chatting with the likes of Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, and Stacy Zapar, you know you have to write about it! This is not something that happens every day – at least not to me! But beyond this amazing story, there was a lot to learn and a lot to take away from Social Media Day San Diego 2013.

Sunday, June 30th was Social Media Day. A day recognized around the world by those who love all things social media. Fortunately for us San Diegans, we have a serious hub of social media leaders, adopters, and influencers. It’s kind of unfair when you think about it, but, hey, I’ll take it!

The day started off with 1600 registered participants! That’s a LOT of people coming to one place to learn about social media. To be fair, it is San Diego, and I’m sure not all registered participants showed up. I mean it was a super hot day and I’m sure the beach and the surf steered a few people astray…

But for those of us that participated, we were not disappointed! The educational tracks started off with a Facebook panel with none other than Amy Porterfield and Mari Smith. If you don’t know who these amazing ladies are, I’ve linked their names to their Facebook pages. I highly recommend you follow both of them. They are pretty big deals in the social media world. It was really cute too when one guest totally “fangirled” when she was able to ask these two ladies a question! Read down a little further to find their tips for Facebook marketing success.

The second educational track was focused on LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. Stacy Zapar is the most connected person on LinkedIn with 37,000 connections! Lynette Young is a Google+ advocate and Claudia Sandoval is the leader of the San Diego Igers. These three ladies were great and I learned a lot in this session. I actually used to think I knew a lot about LinkedIn but Stacy Zapar taught me so much in a short period of time! Read on to see their tips and advice.

You can read the rest of this post at: http://jennstrends.com/lessons-from-social-media-day-san-diego-2013/

14 thoughts on “Lessons From Social Media Day San Diego 2013

    • Thanks Atilla! Yes, it was a great quote that really resonated with me. And while Stacy was referring to LinkedIn, which I totally get, it definitely applies to other sites and real world connections as well.

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  2. Jenn, this is an awesome write up! Thank you for great write up. I remember one more comment on twitter. I remember Mari Smith was saying that Twitter is the “simplest, easiest, most powerful place to start” even though she is a Facebook evangelist.

    • You’re right. She did say that. And I definitely agree with her! I’m so glad you liked the post and I hope you also got some great take-aways from the whole event. Thanks for contributing 🙂

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    • Thanks Stacy! Yes, I did take diligent notes! 🙂 I really wanted to bring back as many take-away lessons as possible for my audience. And the feedback has been great. A lot of people really learned a lot from what I was able to share from that informational day.
      Thank you again for all your information at Social Media Day and for being so generous with your time to network afterwards as well. It was a pleasure to meet you as well and I do look forward to staying in touch. Maybe we’ll run into each other around San Diego events.

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