Lessons From Social Media Day San Diego 2013

social media day

This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/lessons-from-social-media-day-san-diego-2013/ When you get to spend your day chatting with the likes of Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, and Stacy Zapar, you know you have to write about it! This is not something that happens every … Continue reading

Why Instagram Video Is Actually A Big Deal

instagram video

This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/why-instagram-video-is-actually-a-big-deal/ Ok, so you’ve probably heard that Instagram has added videos to its platform. You’ve probably heard about a bunch of new features. And you’re probably thinking, oh wow, another post about it. But here’s the thing, … Continue reading

Using Comments to Set Yourself Apart on Instagram


This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/using-comments-to-set-yourself-apart-on-instagram/ I’m starting to realize why so many people love Instagram. And it might not be what you think. Yes, it’s full of wonderful, colorful, and stunning photos. Yes, you can see what your friends … Continue reading

Tips to Create Amazing Instagram Photos Every Time

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This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/tips-to-create-amazing-instagram-photos-every-time/ The whole point of Instagram is photos. You can write descriptions and use hashtags to support your photos, but your photo is the real purpose. Therefore, it’s important to create great photos in your … Continue reading

Please, Stop Linking Your Social Media Sites!

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This post has been moved to: http://jennstrends.com/please-stop-linking-your-social-media-sites/ I realize that in social media there are few set rules. Everyone has their own perceptions of what is right and what is wrong. So when it comes to linking your Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading