Are You Posting What Your Audience Wants?


This post has been moved to: Your social media strategy should be focused on your audience. And as such, you should be posting things that they want to see. But how do you know if you’re posting what they’re looking … Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid to Connect

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This post has been moved to: The key thing to remember about social media is that it is all about being social. Being social means connecting, networking, interacting, and talking to people! So why is it that so many of us … Continue reading

Lessons From Social Media Day San Diego 2013

social media day

This post has been moved to: When you get to spend your day chatting with the likes of Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, and Stacy Zapar, you know you have to write about it! This is not something that happens every … Continue reading

When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Up Your Connections?

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This post has been moved to: We often talk about how many fans and followers we have. Our numbers go up and we feel like we’re achieving our goals. But, how often do we talk about the people that we’re … Continue reading

Is Your Marketing Strategy Cohesive?

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This post has been moved to: For years, marketers have slaved over their marketing strategies. Ensuring that everything is in line with everything else. Focusing on colors, fonts, branding, tone, imagery, etc. Then came this thing called social media and … Continue reading