I enjoy working with people and coaching or teaching others to maximize their skills. I’m always looking for ways I can help others achieve their business goals. I tend to be a perfectionist and insist on giving customers my best product every time. In jenn hermanorder to be this tedious, I am hyper organized and always have an abundance of to-do lists and checklists on my desk. I firmly believe that organization is the key to success. I am also, however, a creative person and enjoy bringing my design and artistic contributions to everything I do. On my down time, I like to use my creative whims to draw or bake or find other crafty things to do. I am also an avid baseball fan and try to get to as many games every year as possible.

My goal in my blogs is to bring you relevant social media and business trends and discuss their applications, implications, and benefits. I will write from my perspective about the things I enjoy and use regularly. I also scour social media, forums, magazines, headlines and groups to find information that I think you will find fun, interesting and valuable. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my postings!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Very nice presentation about who you are and what you do. It’s refreshing and I like that about any business. Having started my second career approximately 2 years ago as a social media practitioner and content manager, I feel drawn to individuals like yourself. I love to surround myself with like-minded individuals and talents. Helping others to be successful at what they do is so rewarding. Kudos to you! Mike

    • Thank you Mike! Congrats on your second career – I hope you’re finding it rewarding.
      I always enjoy finding other SoMe people with similar interests and a realistic approach to Social Media. Unfortunately, this is a field with a lot of people claiming to be “experts” who constantly put bad advice and information out there. Thank you for reaching out to me and I look forward to engaging with you more across the various platforms!

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  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Definitely liked your recent article on Facebook… And yes I think it’s still worth it. I’d love to see a follow-up article that covers the mobile aspect of social marketing, specifically how so many companies are “missing the target” when it comes to mobile marketing…

    Lots of companies still don’t have a mobile strategy (some aren’t optimized for mobile and most treat mobile users like online consumers). And they ALL have a long, multi-step checkout filled with unnecessary fields that frustrate the mobile user until he abandons the cart and swears never to purchase anything on mobile again!

    Mobile users, by definition, are MOBILE… They’re on the go and impulse-driven. They need a much easier and faster checkout experience so they can complete their purchase in under 1 minute.

    When you get a chance, go check out my LinkedIn profile and let me know if you wish to talk more about writing an article about mobile strategies for effective social marketing.


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