This is my 100th blog post

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Wow! I can barely believe I just wrote that title! This is my 100th blog post… It’s been a wonderful journey to reach this milestone and I’m enjoying the opportunity to step back and reminisce a little bit.

The fact that I even had enough to say in 100 blog posts is almost surprising! Ok, maybe not so much 😉 But I am actually surprised that this many people actually care about what I have had to say in 100 blog posts!

My blogging adventure started in January of this year. I honestly couldn’t give you a great answer as to why I started blogging, except that I was looking for something else to do. I’ve always been someone who likes to have multiple things going on at any given time and I had started to feel bored and in a rut. So, why not start a blog, right!?

I have always been passionate about the power of social media and given that this area had taken on a major role at my day job, it made sense for me to start writing about it. So, I sat down one weekend and started my blog. I’ll never forget the excitement of getting my first views and shares!

Would you believe I didn’t even have a Facebook business page at the time? Nope. Just my personal page (which I still hoard for personal use only) and a moderately active Twitter account. And my moderate, I’m being generous – I mean less than 100 followers.

Obviously, things have changed a lot in the last six months!

In fact, I was just celebrating my 10,000th blog view at the end of June and then I had almost that many views in July alone. I have to thank each and every one of my dedicated viewers, subscribers, and new visitors. You are all wonderful and I am so grateful to each and every one of you!

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9 thoughts on “This is my 100th blog post

  1. I am so happy you made the leap into blogging Jenn! I have thoroughly enjoyed your articles, learned a lot, and was entertained – who could ask for more! I hope I can continue on your journey with you! Congratulations!

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