Does Your Audience Match Your Content?

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One of the phrases we hear regularly is to ensure that your content resonates with your audience. Of course, your content will get more engagement if it’s relatable to the people reading it. And while this is harped on repeatedly, did you ever stop to make sure that the converse is true? That your audience is related to your content?

Before you go off thinking I’ve gone crazy, here’s what I mean. Make sure that your audience actually cares about what you’re providing.

If you’re selling a product designed for men in the 30-55 demographic, your primary audience should be in the same demographic. You shouldn’t be targeting women in the 13-25 demographic.

If you’re providing a service in the health care industry, your primary audience should be made up of health care professionals.

It’s so easy to get caught up growing a fan base that we stop focusing on the “right” fan base and just start going after anyone and everyone.

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7 thoughts on “Does Your Audience Match Your Content?

  1. Jenn, so true! It’s more difficult than it seems to share the info that is always relevant to your audience, but it’s something you should definitely do! I can’t tell you how many sales consultants I see sharing only social media info (I guess b/c social is a “hot topic”). The problem is that they’re gaining social media fans and not sales consulting or training fans. They could certainly benefit by reading this!! I will definitely be sharing!

    • Thanks Brooke! I appreciate you sharing it!
      And, yes, it’s unfortunate when people take advantage of trends or popular topics just to gain traffic. It will hurt them in the long run since no one knows what they “actually” do!

  2. It definitely makes sense to have readers who will be interested in what you are selling or services you are providing. Otherwise, it really makes little sense to spend the time creating or sharing content. Increasing your business and awareness of your business with the right people should be your ultimate goal.

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