Instagram Marketing Lessons from @Lexus

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If you know me or my blog, you had to know this post was coming. It’s Monday, so you know I’m blogging about Instagram. And Lexus just released a pimp promo commercial for the new 2014 Lexus IS based solely on Instagram photos! So you know I had to write about it!

So, you take three of my favorite things: Instagram, Lexus, and Angel’s Stadium. Then you put them all together to create the first ever Instagram commercial? I have to admit, I’m really bummed that I wasn’t a part of this (I may have actually lost some sleep over it). Unfortunately, I found out about this a couple days after it was filmed. But, at least I can make up for it (if only a tiny bit) by writing about it!

Before you read any further, stop, and watch the video here. It’s pretty freaking cool!

First of all, Lexus is relatively new to Instagram. Shocking, I know! But they’re here now. And in typical Lexus creativity, they couldn’t just start an Instagram account and post some pretty pictures. No, they had to be the first to ever create a full Instagram based commercial.

In case you didn’t go watch the video (it’s ok, I don’t blame you – but go watch it later, it’s worth it), the video is a compilation of still photos provided by 212 instagrammers. It’s called #LexusInstafilm. The photos were taken in succession on a closed course at Angel’s Stadium in Orange County, CA using only smartphones and Instagram. The instagrammers uploaded the photos to their accounts and the photos were immediately added to a story board and uploaded to the Lexus development team for rendering. You have to watch the video to understand the finesse and science that went into creating this compilation.

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2 thoughts on “Instagram Marketing Lessons from @Lexus

    • Thanks Ashley! Yeah, the photographers were so into it. It’s great to see their excitement to take just one frame of the whole video. But I totally get it, I would have been just as excited 🙂

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