Are You Posting What Your Audience Wants?

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Your social media strategy should be focused on your audience. And as such, you should be posting things that they want to see. But how do you know if you’re posting what they’re looking for? The best way to tell is to look at your engagement.

Posts that get the most interaction are good indications that they resonate well with your audience. While this shouldn’t be your only gauge, but it should be a strong one. You should also focus on different types of engagement and how they likely reflect how your audience is reacting to your posts.

If a certain style of post is getting high levels of likes, chances are your audience was entertained by and enjoyed the post. If a post generated lots of conversation, it’s likely that your audience was triggered emotionally (either positively or negatively) to connect with you. And, if your post was shared in large frequency, it’s possible that your audience found this information extremely valuable.

With different types of engagement often signalling different types of value, it’s important to ensure that you are aiming to reach all of these levels of engagement, and not just one of them.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Posting What Your Audience Wants?

  1. I just got the new FB insights and I love it (much easier to understand than the old way!). What I have been trying to do that seems to work is post the types of articles that get the most engagement (business ethics, women in business, etc.) the most, and then throw in the more informative type articles on my business (background checks and employment). This mix works well for me.

    • Aren’t the new insights so much better?! I love them! It’s about time Facebook started providing real insights.
      I think you do a really good job sharing relevant and appropriate articles, Kim. As you said, you mix in the highly engaging posts with the valuable informational posts. Keep up the good work!

  2. Super post, Jenn! Although I have yet to get the new Insights, we perform content audits monthly to ensure we’re giving the audience(s) what they’re asking for. And you’re right – most of the time they don’t actually ask, they just “show” us by their clicks. We also like to look at hashtags and other things that make up our content.

    I couldn’t agree with you more … it’s always changing and therefore we should always be testing and reporting!

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