Don’t Be a Downer on Your Social Media Pages

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Sometimes I think the concept of professionalism is being lost in social media. There is a certain etiquette that is expected – at least in my opinion. One aspect of this is that we should be likeable and approachable. However, more and more frequently I’m seeing complainers, depressing posts, raging antics, and downright sad behavior.

Recently I found a Facebook page of someone who prides herself on being a resume writer. While this isn’t a business I’m looking for, I found her page through a networking opportunity and checked it out. OMG, I wanted to scream! Her entire page was negative. Every post was about hating your job, being depressed at work, wanting to quit, etc. While I can understand the direction of the content (typically those people unhappy at their jobs are most likely to look for a resume writer), she approached it in the wrong way.

By flooding her page with negative comments, jokes, memes, and statements, she’s pushing people away. People want to be motivated, inspired, and uplifted. If I was looking for a new job, I would want to know about the great opportunities that await me, not hear about how crappy my life is right now.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Downer on Your Social Media Pages

  1. Wow, another spot-on write. Its so true, you get what you give. In my life I like enthusiastic positive people – not pollyannas per se but people willing to look at things in another light. You attract what you give. Great piece Jenn.

    • Thanks Christopher! I agree, over the top perkiness can get be a little too much, but it’s nice to be surrounded by people with a generally optimistic approach to life.

  2. You have voiced something I have been thinking a lot about lately! I am running into more and more negative posts and comments on FB and Twitter than ever before. Luckily I have not had to deal with them on my own pages, but it is still disconcerting. I think some people believe that negative gets the views. Some of this probably stems from the negative slant of our news. If you took it at face value, you would think only negative things happen in our world. I choose to believe that is far from the truth! I am happy to hear that you, and the others who commented, believe it too!

    • I think you’re on to something, Kim. People definitely like to go for controversial or emotional because it tends to draw more engagement. And that’s fine if it’s valid and only used occasionally. When that becomes the norm, it’s not interesting nor beneficial anymore.

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