I Use Pinterest To Get Dressed Every Morning

Pinterest has become one of those guilty pleasures that many of us enjoy. We pin pretty pictures and great tips, but what do we do with them once we’ve pinned them? Can you find them again after you’ve pinned them? Pinterest is a great tool that many of us could use more efficiently. It just takes a little time and some simple organizational tips. And organizing your boards appropriately could result in more followers and brand engagement for you.

I don’t have a ton of boards on my Pinterest page and that’s fine. They work for me and that’s all I worry about. But the key thing is that I have them organized into relevant categories.

One of those categories is a board I call “Getting Dressed Everyday”. I pin cute outfits that are made up of clothes similar to those that I actually own. See, I love fashion and finding great ways to mix up my wardrobe. But I go to work really early and get up well before the sun has risen. And I am NOT a morning person. So my creative juices tend to be very diluted when I get dressed in the morning. My Pinterest board is simple to scroll through and give me some great ideas on what outfit to put together for work.

I also have boards for fashion that I love but don’t currently have pieces to match and for amazing shoes. These are fun to flip through when I’m shopping because it helps direct me to what pieces to buy to compliment the pieces I already have.

I also have boards for creative kitchen ideas. This way when I’m stumped on something to bring for a party or dinner, I can quickly find what I need to make something that will stand out.

I have a number of other boards all with specific category titles so that I can easily find the pins when the time comes to use them.

So how does this translate into using Pinterest boards for your business? It’s important to set up your boards in a well-organized fashion and with keyword rich titles. If you want people to follow your boards, the boards need to be relevant to your audience’s needs.

No matter what your product is or what you’re promoting on Pinterest, people will have a need for it somehow. You need to find out how and why they would use your products. Then label your boards with those intentions.

Here are some examples:

  • Things to do in ________ (name of your city) 
  • Easy Dinner Recipes
  • Quick and Beautiful Makeup Tips
  • How to Decorate a Home
  • Christmas Desserts (or other holiday)
  • Craft Ideas for Kids 5-8 Years Old (and other age ranges)
  • DIY Home Decor
  • Successful Gardening Tips
  • How to Work Out at Home
  • Gifts under $50 (or other price range)
  • Inspirational Quotes

There are countless other ideas to create fun and useful boards on Pinterest. The important thing is to make them relevant to your audience. If you provide people with a board that gives them everything they need, you become their resource.

Remember that your boards don’t all have to be your own products. Providing tips and resources on your related boards is a great way to help your audience.

Make sure that your pin descriptions are informative and complete. Don’t use “great idea” or “must-use”. Instead, use descriptions that people can relate to. “This is a great tip for getting rid of baked-on cheese off your favorite pots and pans. It’s quick and easy to do. All you need is these ingredients: ____________ ” This way, they can determine how valuable this post is and then they can pin it to use later.

Hopefully you’re already using Pinterest and enjoying the traffic it creates for you. Using these careful tips to properly name your boards and describe your pins can help you generate more interest and traffic.

If you’re on Pinterest, feel free to come by and visit me at jennherman31



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