In Celebration of Earth Day

Earth Day is Monday, April 22. This is the day set aside every year to address and find ways to reduce the negative impacts and hazards that harm the environment. This is an internationally observed event and you may want to find ways to incorporate it into your social media strategy.

Ways to Incorporate Earth Day into your social media strategy

If you are looking to include references to Earth Day in your social media strategy, the Earth Day website provides a list of suggestions for the type of posts you might want to include and how to incorporate them.

The recognized hashtag for this year’s Earth Day is #FaceOfClimate. Make sure to incorporate this into your Earth Day posts on appropriate sites.

Here are some suggestions on posts you can put on your different social media sites:

  • Post pictures of you and your staff participating in Earth Day activities
  • Encourage your audience to share pictures of the ways in which they are celebrating Earth Day
  • Post environmentally motivating quotes
  • Provide a list of local Earth Day celebrations in your community
  • Offer Earth Day discounts or promotions on related services or merchandise

Celebrating Earth Day

Beyond just your social media strategy, if you want to actually engage is some Earth Day activities, there is an endless list of ways that you can contribute.

Here are some ways to mark this special day:

  • Take a hike.
  • Find an e-waste recycle center to recycle your old electronics
  • Make healthy, local, organic Earth-friendly treats, pack them in reusable containers, and have a picnic.
  • Plant a garden or grow your own herbs and produce.
  • Visit a zoo and appreciate the diversity of wildlife.
  • Make Earth Day fashions by finding new uses for old clothes. Cut and decorate them, or change them into something new.
  • Read a book about Earth’s beauty.
  • Prepare to recycle paper, plastic, glass, metals, and anything your community will recycle. Acquire, label, and set up bins, and learn how to prepare the materials.
  • Plant a tree or native plant and watch it grow!
  • Build a bird feeder, fill it, and hang it up.
  • Use homemade cleansers rather than chemical-rich manufactured cleansers around your house.
  • Use cold water in your washing machine.
  • Replace your household light bulbs with new energy efficient ones.
  • Coordinate a car pool to work or use public transportation.
  • Use reusable lunch bags rather than plastic bags.
  • Sign up for online/email bill notifications rather than paper bills every month.
  • Visit the official Earthday website for more information.

There is also a variety of mobile apps to help you celebrate Earth Day:

  • Earth Day Theme – allows you to download a wallpaper theme in celebration of Earth Day
  • Earth Day Live Wallpaper LWP – a series of stunning photos from around the globe to use as your wallpaper
  • Earth Day & Earth Hour Quotes – provides quotes and inspiration for Earth Day
  • Earth Day Recipe ($1.99) – provides recipes and meal preparation ideas that reduce your food footprint
  • Earthology – Earth Trivia Quiz – test your knowledge of topics about Mother Earth
  • Earth Day: Kids Seasons Story – is a storybook for kids to learn about and celebrate Earth Day and the environment
  • iRecycle – helps you find local recycling centers and tells you what can be recycled


I hope you are suitably motivated to go green and enjoy Earth Day! Do you have any other suggestions to celebrate Earth Day? If so, please leave them here in the comments so that others can enjoy them as well!


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