Are You Sharing the Wrong Information?

What do you share on your business’ Social Media pages? Are you sharing for you or for your customer? And what’s your goal? Are you sharing the right information to reach that goal? These are all questions that I regularly ask social media managers or small business owners. Surprisingly, many don’t know the answers to these questions.

The important thing about social media is that you need to have a goal. You need to know why you’re on social media in the first place. It may be to get more new customers or it may be to harness relationships with existing customers. Or it may be other reasons. But whatever the reason is, this needs to dictate the information you share across social media.

Once you know why you’re on social media, then you can start finding out who you want to target. If your market is females in the 25-39 demographic, you don’t want to be posting information canted towards men. Likewise, if your demographic is adults in the 50+ demographic, don’t use Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber in your messages. You need to target your messages and your posts to your key demographic. Sharing the wrong information will cost you customers and followers.

The most important thing I can say about social media is this: Write for your audience, not for you.

If you see something funny online that you think your audience will enjoy, by all means, share it. But remember that your business page is a reflection of your brand. Keep posts and shares professional and tasteful. You can post memes and quotes and jokes but make sure that they aren’t insensitive. Even if you think it’s hilarious, if the content is questionable, share it on your personal page and keep it off your professional page. I have chosen not to follow or un-followed brands online because of obscene or inappropriate memes and comments.

I understand that you can’t please everyone. But your message should please your audience.

If you’re not getting the engagement you think you should be getting, chances are you’re not sharing the right information. If people like what they see or find it valuable they will let you know, one way or another.

If your posts are going unread, un-liked, and without comments, you need to look at your posts and your demographic. Do they jive with each other? Try some new variations of content and see if your engagement levels increase. It won’t take long to find out what they want to see.

Your social media pages are about you and your brand but they are not for you. They are for your customer and your audience. Every post you place should be some way to serve your audience. Does it help them? Does it entertain them? Does it solve their problem? Is it what they need to know? Answer these questions and you can only succeed with your social media strategy.

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Photo credit: Vera Kratochvil


One thought on “Are You Sharing the Wrong Information?

  1. It is definitely important to keep in mind that what you post on your business page needs to be professional (that does not mean boring!). You need to realize that your page is not your personal timeline – although I try don’t post anything objectionable there either! Thanks for another great article Jenn!

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