Is Your Online Brand a Lexus Dealership or Used Car Lot?

I’m going to start off with a disclaimer that yes, this is a stereotypical comparison and if it offends any used car dealers, I apologize in advance. Now, that being said, when someone talks about a used car salesman, we tend to think of that sleazy guy with the comb-over, the big suit jacket, and the lame sales pitch. Comparatively, when we think of a luxury brand dealership (I chose Lexus because I genuinely enjoy the way my Lexus dealership takes care of me and my car), we think of that high-end, professional, and not-too-pushy sales team.

Here’s the thing, the Lexus dealership is probably actually selling you harder than the used car salesman. They’re just employing different tactics that don’t offend you. This is the key to taking your social media strategy to the luxury level and gaining clients this way!

So let’s break down how this sales technique works and how you can implement it into your social media strategy.

Making You Feel Welcome

When you walk into a luxury dealership, the first few questions will revolve around you: How are you doing today? Can I get you a cup of coffee? How can we help you today? There’s no “hard” sell right off the bat. You’ll probably be escorted around the dealership before you even look at a car.

Your social media strategy should utilize this same sentiment. Your pages should be inviting for people to join and follow. While you may not have the ability to thank each individual new follower, you can at least reach out once or twice a week to welcome new followers in general. Make them feel like they have a real value in being there.

It’s also important to acknowledge your fans that mention you. If you receive a good review or compliment from a fan, share that compliment and thank them. Let them know that you hear them. Encourage your audience to TALK to you and make sure you respond conversationally with them.

This ability to make people feel welcome is an effective sales trick. Once they feel like you respect them, they are more willing to give you their business.

Finding Out What YOU Want

Another set of questions you’ll be asked when you enter a luxury dealership will focus around what type of vehicle you’re looking for and why. The goal of the salesperson is to find the perfect car for you.

It’s important that your social media strategy provides the right information to your fans. What are THEY looking for when they come to your page? If you don’t know this right away, it’s ok to ask them. You can use open-ended questions or polls or surveys to get targeted answers to these questions. Then, make sure that you acknowledge that the changes you make are in response to these suggestions provided by your audience. Make them feel like they have been heard and that you are providing them what they asked for.

Customers are always happiest when they feel they got everything they wanted and not just what the salesperson was trying to “sell” them.

Minimal Advertising

You know what it looks like on the used car lot – lots of neon signs, the word SALE slapped on every flat surface, banners and balloons flying from every post, and loud speakers reminding you to BUY, BUY, BUY! But luxury dealerships don’t have any of this. They are calm, quiet, subdued, and relaxing.

Don’t blast your social media audience with repeated posts about your current sale or endless reminders about a new product launch. Yes, you can obviously post about these things. But they should be minimal compared to your regular posts designed to benefit your customers.

People don’t like high pressure sales. They want to feel like they made the decision to purchase based on proper research and evaluation. By subtly keeping your name in front of them, they will stick around and shop, not run from the screaming neon signs.

Providing Perks

One of the best places to kill time is at a luxury dealership. They have golf simulators, chair massages, internet connections, lounges, snacks, televisions, and even restaurants (with alcohol!). They make it so that you almost don’t even want to leave.

Perks are one of the easiest things to do on social media. The majority of your social media platforms’ content should be added value to your customers and fans. This includes reminders, tips, relevant blogs or articles, and suggestions for improvement. You can also reward your fans with early product releases, discounts, and behind the scenes looks into your brand. All of these types of posts give your customers and fans something that the rest of the world doesn’t get to enjoy.

When you give people added benefits as part of the everyday experience, they become brand advocates for you. When you create an environment that they don’t want to leave, you become their primary source for all future sales and even the high mark-up add-ons.

Long Term Commitments

Buying a luxury brand car means you get the luxury experience for the life of your vehicle. They don’t forget about you when you drive off the lot. You’ll get regular communications about maintenance required on your vehicle and you may also receive holiday or birthday cards.

Your social media strategy is one of the best ways to commit to your customers well beyond their original purchase. It provides you a means to connect with your audience even after they have left your store (or website). This is your opportunity to create a relationship with your customers that they will value well into the future.

When you have that longevity in a relationship, customers are unlikely to look elsewhere the next time they need to purchase. They will come back to the place that has been taking care of them repeatedly over all this time.


So start running your social media strategy like a Lexus dealership and stay away from the hyped up, over zealous, cheesy used car sales pitches!


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