Am I the Only One NOT Upset About Google Reader Shutting Down?

There has been a lot of talk the last couple weeks about Google Reader shutting down in July. And I mean a LOT of talk. There was even a Twitter chat the other day devoted to how we will survive after Google Reader. I get that a lot of bloggers as well as many others swear by this app. But personally, I never used it and definitely won’t miss it.

In case you’re unaware of Google Reader, it’s an app that allows you to choose and aggregate your favorite websites so that these selected postings feed to your reader. The idea is to make it easy for you to find content that you want to read. Up front this seems like a good idea. And for a lot of people maybe it is. But I like to read new things and find new blogs and meet new people. If I’m always reading the same websites for my material, then am I really broadening my horizons?

While I definitely don’t consider myself an expert at finding great content, I think I do a pretty good job. Here’s how I find all the different posts I read:

  • Triberr. I LOVE this site. I joined a number of tribes and I follow a few more. This site puts every blog post from the other tribe members I’m connected to into my daily feed. I can scan through, pick out the ones that sound good and take a quick peruse through them. If they look good, I get comfy for some solid reading time. If I like the content enough, I can easily share to any (or all) of my Social Media sites. The great thing is that I get to see my favorite bloggers regular postings but I also get to find new material since new people are joining tribes all the time. And if I want, I can follow more tribes to further expand my options.
  • Twitter. This is an ENDLESS supply of material! If you realize how much information people like to share on Twitter, you can see how quickly you have oodles of material to read. It can get overwhelming so I break out everyone I follow into lists. Some lists are small with key 10-25 tweeps while other lists are large with hundreds of like-minded people. Every day I review at least 2 different lists to find some of the best material out there. Giving people a RT or commenting on their post is not only a great opportunity to share the information with my followers, but it’s also a great way to grow my network.
  • LinkedIn. I especially enjoy reading posts from the various LinkedIn Groups that I follow. These posts come from a wide range of people, many of whom are outside my regular network and I wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. The great thing is that I get a daily email from each group with the latest posts to each group or those articles generating new conversations. I can scan the titles and decide which ones I want to read. Every day I find new blogs and new people with great perspectives.
  • Google+. I follow a lot of Social Media peeps on Google+ and they all post great stuff. Some of it is their own but a lot of it is also other material that they’ve sourced out (ie. they already did the hard work for me!). I’m also a member in a good number of communities where the social sharing and comments further generate great material that I can’t wait to read and share.
  • Facebook. I love Facebook for my personal life and all the great updates from my friends and family. But to be honest, I don’t get as much from Facebook for new posts to read. There are times where I find great posts from people I follow but I’ve usually already seen these in one of their other platforms that I’ve mentioned above. Yes, I follow the same people on more than one channel – for those blogs that I really like to read, this ensures that I don’t miss anything!

These are the sites that I check daily. Yes, I read a lot on a daily basis! But when education on a topic or similar entertainment is free, how can I pass up the opportunity to read all of these great articles? But, I digress…. I also check a variety of other sites on occasion for additional reading. These include Technorati, Reddit, ExploreB2B, BizSugar, and a few others.

So, are you disappointed that Google Reader is shutting down in July? Are you looking for alternative ways to find great articles to read? Maybe my method works for you and maybe it doesn’t. So if it doesn’t, here is a list of 12 alternatives that may just make you happy: I’ve heard that feedly is the easiest transition.

I’d love to hear how you find your reading materials! Please leave your sources in the comments below.


Photo credit: Marketing Land

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