How Long Can Your Description Be? [Infographic]

With all the different Social Media sites out there and all the different formats, it’s hard to know how much you can write in each section on each site. In this By The Numbers Infographic, you’ll find the maximum number of characters you can use for your profile descriptions. These are the short blurbs that allow you to define yourself to your audience. Where possible, try including your website URL in the description to further engage with your followers.

Social Media Profile Description Lengths Infographic

You’ll notice that this infographic does not include Facebook. Personal pages on Facebook don’t have a section for a profile description or “about” section. Brand pages, however, do include this short section. If your business is a local business, the location and contact information will be displayed here. If your business is not a local business, then you can write a description to fill this area. Only the first 225 characters (across 3 lines) will be displayed. The text may be longer if you choose but make sure you format the information to show the most important 225 characters up front.

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