Leveraging Social Media in a Culture of Instant Gratification

We live in a culture of “Now”. It’s a world of instant gratification and immediate connection. If you long for the good ol’ days and want to fight this evolution, you are welcome do so, but the reality is that you’re highly outnumbered and we aren’t going back.

Our tech savvy world allows us to feed our (slightly) selfish needs for the information that we yearn for. Having a debate among friends – Wikipedia determines your winner in seconds. Long commute home – on-demand podcasts fill us with knowledge and entertainment. Wondering how your niece did at her recital – Facebook gives you the photos and videos. Looking for a hot new pair of shoes – Amazon has everything you need. Wondering if you have a rash or some death-causing mutant infection – WebMD has you covered (then maybe a doctor’s visit in person!). You get my point though. If you want information, you have it at your fingertips these days.

So if your business isn’t aligned to take advantage of this reality, you’re behind the curve, and behind your competitors. Businesses have a great opportunity to take advantage of this trend and use it to boost their overall success and revenue.

Here are some tips on how you can leverage Social Media in a world of Now.

Respond in a timely manner

The definition of “timely manner” is open for debate and depends on multiple factors. For smaller companies, a response within 24 hours is considered appropriate by many. But the faster you can respond, the more you capitalize on the engagement. If someone posts a compliment or a negative comment on your Social Media sites, the best way to capitalize or diffuse the situation is with immediate conversation.

Respond in a PERSONAL manner

I don’t want to see an automated response when I post to a company’s page. I want to know that they read my post and value my opinion. During the Superbowl I tweeted about a number of the commercials that I liked or even thought were just so-so. One company I complimented was KIA and they responded within 30 minutes with a personalized thank you in direct response to the comments I made about the specific commercial. Another company was Samsung where I critiqued their commercial but stated that I still love my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. Their response: “And we still love you.” Now you can’t get much more personal than that!

samsung tweet

Post on trending topics

Is there a current event in the news, or a major holiday, or a local event taking place? Capitalize on these topics and generate industry appropriate posts for your audience. These posts increase shareability and virality if they matter to your audience.

Offer sneak-peeks or first dibs on new launches

People on Social Media love to be rewarded for their commitment to following you. So if you’re launching a new product or service, give them the goods. Provide sneak-peeks of the development of the product via photos or videos. Provide a fans-only release date ahead of the official product launch so that these devoted followers can get it before anyone else does.

Provide informational videos

Whether it’s a training video, or a how-to video, or a podcast interview, there are numerous ways businesses can use videos to leverage Social Media (read my blog here on using videos effectively). The best feature of videos, though, is that the audience can view them when it’s convenient for them! It puts your information on their schedule and further satiates the “Now” mindset.

Optimize for mobile

This is the biggest tip for 2013 and the near future. Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) account for at least 20% of online traffic and this number is continuously growing. Think about this in terms of the instant gratification – chances are a lot of people aren’t sitting at their desk computer when the spur-of-the-moment idea or question hits them. So make sure your sites are optimized for mobile usage to ensure you are visible to these spontaneous searches.

Use mobile apps

The great thing about a mobile app is that it puts your company one touch away from the customer. They don’t need to navigate through other sites to find you, they just click on your app icon, and there you are! Mobile apps may not be applicable to every business but if your customers could benefit from it, you should consider setting one up.

Hopefully these tips will help you set up your Social Media platforms to better serve your customers and in turn increase your revenues.

If you found this article helpful, please share it and help others to learn these tips too!

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