Generate Traffic by Celebrating Weird Holidays

We’re always looking for creative ways to generate new content and engage our audiences. A great way to do this is to search out random and bizarre holidays related to our brand or industry. Capitalize on these unique days that happen once a year by making Social Media posts about them.

There is pretty much a holiday for every day of the year, so it should be easy to find ones that work for each of us. And to make it easier, here are a list of some good sites that provide lists of these weird holidays:

There are some great holidays that we can all use to our advantage. Here are some of those holidays and tips on how to use them in our Social Media platforms.

January 4 – Trivia Day. Post a series of trivia questions to your followers and test their knowledge.
February 17 – National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Challenge your audience to perform a random act of kindness (RAK) and share it on your company page.
First Friday in March – National Employee Appreciation Day.  Post pictures of your employees enjoying a company luncheon in celebration.
April 20 – Look Alike Day. Have your fans tell you who or post pictures of who their doppelganger is.
August 15 – National Relaxation Day. Provide a list of tips on how best to relax.
December 4 – Wear Brown Shoes Day. Take a panoramic photo of all your employees’ feet with their brown shoes.

There are also a lot of specific days that target certain industries.

  • If you’re in the food or restaurant industry, look for National Pie Day, or National Chocolate Day, or National Potato Day, among many others.
  • If you’re in the automotive industry, look for National Name Your Car Day.
  • If you’re in the news industry, look for National Weather Man’s Day or Hug a Newsman Day.
  • If you’re in the pet industry, look for pet related holidays – there’s a lot of them!
  • If you’re in the sports industry, find related days like National Tennis Day and National Golf Day.
  • If you’re in the IT industry, look for Embrace Your Geekness Day or Techies Day.
  • If you’re in the fashion industry, look for National Hat Day, Wear Brown Shoes Day, or other clothing related days.

Think outside the box here. Find days that can enhance your brand’s visibility and bring awareness to something unique. Most importantly, remember to have FUN!

These types of posts are likely to bring in high rates of engagement through comments, posts, and shares.

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