Why I Love Google Doodles

We’ve all seen them, the fun and colorful images on the Google homepage. They’re there for those days we didn’t even know were significant until we see the doodle telling us that it is. Sometimes they’re even interactive, allowing us to play a short game right there on the homepage of Google.

So why do I love these Google Doodles? Here’s a few good reasons:

It’s like a little surprise every day

You don’t know until you open the Google page what you’re going to get. It gives us that little extra reason to open up the browser every day.

They’re informative

They teach us something. The purpose of Google is to research and find out information so it only makes sense that they provide us with additional information we didn’t know we wanted.

They’re just darn fun!

They’re artistic, creative, and cute. And the interactive game style ones are entertaining. Trying to beat the previous score keeps me coming back repeatedly.

The more I think about these Google Doodles, the more I realize that these are great tips for how to run Social Media.

First, we know that we’re going to get a fun fact or game, we just don’t know what it will be. Likewise, with our Social Media platforms, we should be providing something that the audience expects yet still leaves some anticipation to ensure they keep coming back for more.

Second, they provide something of value. The doodles provide facts and information to further satiate our desire for knowledge. With our Social Media sites, we should be providing valuable content to our audiences as well. Whatever the industry, we need to provide the content that the audience finds of value.

Third, we need to make our Social Media platforms fun and engaging. The key word is “social” and making it fun and keeping it social with our audiences is the most important key to our Social Media sites.

These three things are the epitome of giving the audience what they want. If we can incorporate similar techniques into our Social Media sites, we will be successful!

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