Social Media – The Modern Cinderella

Social Media is often treated like the ugly, adopted step-sister by many companies, marketing agencies, and CEOs. They don’t like it, they think it’s a waste of time, and if they’re forced to use it, they don’t put much effort into it. They focus the majority of their time, money, and resources onto traditional marketing strategies and keep waiting for this annoyance to move out of the way. But others are seeing that, just like Cinderella, Social Media is the future reigning Queen.

Social Media is often provided few resources and expected to produce on its own. Marketing Managers spend their precious time and money promoting traditional marketing techniques. They throw the occasional, inconsistent hour a day at posting a Tweet or adding a photo to Facebook. The process is poorly thought out and the lack of engagement is evident.

So the company brings in the help of a good-old fairy godmother (aka Social Media Manager) to come in and develop a solid Social Media strategy. With the proper finesse and wave a wand, the pumpkins, mice, and scrap fabrics are turned into sparkling rewards. OK, in reality the Social Media Manager spends many hours coordinating with marketing personnel, collaborating with upper management, and designing a solid online policy and strategy. But it sounds so much more fun to wave a sparkly wand!

Now the company has a flashy new online presence. Everyone is ooh-ing at the glamor of it all. The new platforms and images and content is celebrated and promoted. But then the clock strikes 12. The management teams haven’t seen the rewards they dreamed up in their minds. They’re frustrated and believe that this was all just smoke and mirrors. Social Media goes back to being the ugly step-sister, strewn aside and only supported because now it’s there.

At some point, every company that has fully embraced Social Media, has done so as a result of finding their glass slipper. That one Tweet, Facebook post, LinkedIn comment, or YouTube video that proved its worth and more. That single event or series of events that generated a considerable and measurable amount of revenue or ROI. It may be new clients, media coverage, or any other measurable result. But at this point, everyone is suddenly onboard with the Social Media strategy and praising its worth.

Those who refused to see the diamond in the rough were shown the true value of what Social Media can achieve. And now, that little, ugly step-sister reins as the Queen.

What was your glass slipper moment? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

One thought on “Social Media – The Modern Cinderella

  1. Absolutely loved how to you related social media to everyone’s favorite Disney story! So many will expect magical results over night, but consistence is key with social media. Great article!

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