5 Tips for Hiring a Social Media Manager

Only 12% of companies feel that they are using Social Media effectively in their marketing strategies. If your company falls into the 88% that is struggling, you should really consider investing in a Social Media Manager. This person can take on the responsibility of managing the platforms, ensuring the information shared is valuable and true to the brand, and evaluating the plaforms for the overall ROI to the company.

Given that Social Media is still considered a relatively “new” branch of marketing, people are often confused about who would make an ideal Social Media Manager. So here are some tips to help you hire the right person.

1. Experience matters – but be realistic

Yes, you want to hire someone with experience, but finding someone with 10 years of Social Media management experience will leave you with nearly zero candidates. Smaller companies can easily utilize someone with 1-3 years of SM Management experience. A larger company with very high levels of online traffic will probably want to hire someone with 3-5 years of experience.

2. Age does not equal experience

Actually it may, but in an inverse relationship. Understand that the Generation Y and Millenial groups generally have the most Social Media familiarity – they have grown up using the platforms for personal use and don’t need to “learn” how to use it. This doesn’t mean that more mature candidates aren’t just as efficient, I’m just suggesting to keep an open mind about hiring someone younger than usual.

3. Search the candidate’s online profiles

I’m not suggesting cyber-stalking, merely researching. I am confident in my skills (and my security settings) and am comfortable providing my Social Media URLs to anyone who needs them. The candidate should be prepared to be verified online and be able to authenticate their working knowledge of various Social Media sites. This will also provide you a little extra insight into the candidate as a person.

4. What is their Klout score?

A Klout score measures the online influence of any person who is involved in any Social Media platform. (Go here to find your score.) While this number (on a scale from 1-100) isn’t a direct evaluation of the candidate, it should give you some idea of their influence and activity. The average person, utilizing more than one platform, should have a score around 40. If the candidate has a score above 50, chances are they are very familiar with various platforms and interact well with others online. A score under 30, should warn you that the candidate may be over-hyping their skills.

5. A related business background

Social Media is just a part of the overall business and marketing strategy. It is also ideal to find a SM Manager that has other business related experience working in customer service, sales, or marketing. Social Media requires all of these skills in order to be done properly – it involves direct engagement with the customers and may involve conflict resolution, and it involves promoting and marketing the brand and its products or services. A candidate with these additional skill sets is likely to be a good fit.

This list is not exhaustive and each company will find the teams that work best for them. This is meant to provide tips and advice to help narrow down candidates to find the ideal match.

Is someone you work with or someone you know looking to hire a Social Media Manager? Share this post with them and make their process easier!!

If you have additional tips or thoughts on hiring a Social Media Manager, please leave a comment below.

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